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E-Commerce Portal


Now you can easily distribute, customize and organize your marketing collateral from anywhere.

Empower your team with approved content with Shapco’s Marcom Portal

In today’s marketplace, everyone seems to demand something special. Sales reps want imagery that specifically appeals to clients in their regions. Distributors expect catalogs that include just the products they carry. Dealers request promotional materials that exclusively display their company information. And finicky consumers don’t bite anymore without individualized messages.

You’re nodding, right? And you’re probably also thinking what a time-consuming headache it is to satisfy everyone. Oh yeah, remember the brand guidelines you have to maintain as well?

Relax. Shapco’s Marcom solutions can easily make your documents Web accessible and allow authorized individuals to create, customize, proof, order, and track shipments of these marketing materials. Just think, with these tools, staff and other departments will be self-sufficient!

No matter your personnel needs—sales brochures, posters, sell sheets or customized promotional graphics—Shapco’s MP can put it at their fingertips.

Entry into the MP begins through a secure site that can be graphically branded for your organization. Here, users log on and are provided with options from which they are authorized to select. So if you want your employees only to have access to specific items, you choose what they see and the secret stays safely with you.

Next, users can choose inventory items to ship, on-demand pieces to print, or customizable documents to modify. After instant PDF proofs have been viewed, items are ordered using an easy shopping cart system. The system includes multiple notifications, use reporting, tracking, and various address capabilities. And to keep finances in check, you can establish budgets with spending limits, too.

When it comes to design, features can be as flexible as you desire. Maybe you would like to allow customers to upload their own content. Staff photos, local project shots, or distributor logos can add a nice level of personalization. Or maybe you would prefer that users pick from predetermined options. Selecting a well-written message may be just the ticket a salesperson needs to land a big account.

Shapco’s Marcom solution present real-time workflows to shorten response times and reduce costs to create, customize, proof, order, ship, and track printed materials. Combining a robust creative tool set with comprehensive business functions, Shapco offers you new and better ways to manage print. With Shapco’s MP, you can…

  • Procure all sales and marketing collateral from virtually anywhere and ship it directly to your desired location.
  • Enable personnel to customize and order their own materials without burdening your company’s graphic design experts or other human resources.
  • Maintain brand standards with templates that allow only designated text, graphics, and images to be modified.
  • Ensure error-free production by viewing online PDF soft proofs generated from actual high-resolution PDFs used for printing.
  • Experience fewer mistakes as those closest to the project update, proof, and order themselves.
  • Utilize original Macintosh and Windows documents created using a broad range of applications including InDesign, Illustrator, PDF and Microsoft Office.
  • Increase marketing effectiveness by affordably producing materials tailored to the interests and needs of specific market segments.
  • Optimize return on investment with on-demand production of sales materials.
  • Monitor projects with comprehensive reporting features for user access, department, ordering, and shipping.
  • Easily export inventory and accounting information in Microsoft Excel format.
  • Track project and shipping status with automatic email updates.
  • Improve cash flow by eliminating the need to pay for large-quantity purchases.
  • Reduce waste and warehousing requirements by producing materials only as needed.
  • Minimize obsolescence by maintaining an “always current” library of marketing collateral.
  • Build loyalty and satisfaction through a convenient, branded portal that provides around-the-clock service.

Additional Capabilities/Features

  • Branded customizable site with a variety of layout options
  • User login driven, privileges and access based on users credentials
  • 24-7 access
  • Store print, variable templates, assets and non-print items (samples, promotional items etc.) on your portal
  • Access to an image library with over 1 million images
  • Order process controls per customer’s specifications
  • Limitless or limited shipping options
  • Promotional codes for discounts, with limit controls
  • Protected and shared resources
  • Automatically assigned business units
  • Order constraints by department and budget
  • Approval process control by product, shipping, user group and category
  • Featured products for new or updated items
  • Full previews, single or multi-page
  • Order through a simple interface
  • Softproofing and approval process
  • Save orders, variable, static or inventory items
  • Simple re-order process
  • Guest login available
  • Self-registration available
  • Items can have keywords, descriptions, references numbers and revision codes
  • Current inventory is displayed for each item
  • Customizable hierarchy and category icons
  • Email notifications for orders, shipment, when items need approval, user approval and low inventory for each item
  • Jobs can be uploaded and quoted instantaneously
  • Variable templates
  • Database files can drive variable templates
  • Multiple destination shipments
  • Robust reporting, access to orders by user, product, business unit, shipment method, department, location, jobs number, order number and 25+ other categories
  • DAM (Digital Asset Management)
  • SSO (Single Sign-0n)
  • Users can click on link to retrieve forgotten login information
  • Document creation with advanced controls, move, undo/redo, edit text & fonts, crop & rotate images, layer, apply opacity and more

As the world moves faster and faster because of advancement in commu- nication and transportation technology, expectations become greater and more challenging to get your message to the right place at the right time. Thats where Shapco shines!

We envision new and resourceful pathways for navigating your message through the greatest obstacles. Every last detail of communication distribution and logistics is orchestrated and proficiently planned for using technology, automation and expertise to ensure distribution accuracy every time.

Our centralized location allows fast delivery to the majority of the country in 3 days or less. Our systems are fully integrated with multiple logistics carriers. This allows us to offer multiple shipping options while remaining competitive on freight costs.

No matter how complex, we’ll strategize the best possible solutions for accurate, timely and cost-effective distribution. You don’t have to worry about the details because trust and reliability are the core of our customer commitment. Shapco makes exemplary execution obtainable.


  • Pick and Pack
  • Storage (short and long term)
  • Store your inventory from any supplier
  • Store anything (except for perishable items)
  • Inventory control and management
  • Worldwide Shipping
  • Centrally located
  • Inspection of received inventory and counts
  • Secure environment
  • Kitting and assemble
  • Unique packaging to ensure proper delivery
  • Convention and promotional item support
  • Direct transportation to Consumer and Business
  • UPS, FedEx, USPS and variety of shipping options

Did you know that traditional printing accounts for only a fraction of overall marketing collateral development and distribution costs? Redundant activities like redesigning, reproofing, reshipping, and warehousing often add up to ten times print expenses. Shapco’s MP solutions streamline workflows and eliminate several duplicate activities—all while providing increased levels of customization and reducing inventory waste. Shapco MP…lean and green!

Shapco produces highest-quality print communications, reliably and consistently. For over 40 years, the company has daily accepted your expectations and challenges. Together, we’ve delivered communications that work and products that bring results.

Because we approach printing as a craft rather than just manufacturing, we expect each job to have unique requirements, and we’re ready to accommodate them. Because our clients are leaders in their industries, providing quick turnarounds and meeting tight deadlines comes naturally. We continually invest in best technology to outperform our competition, to give you the results you deserve.

Thank you for choosing Shapco. We’re ready to deliver on your next vision.


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