Scanning Services



The art of digitizing images has changed immensely over the past decade. For many, the device we carry with us to make an occasional phone call while away from our desk, has been sufficient in capturing events from our daily lives. In the printing world, there is still a need to reproduce images in the highest quality possible. Our scanning department can turn photographs, film negatives or positives, or even slides into high resolution images that can be printed at high quality line screens.

Whether we scan your images or you provide them, retouching is often necessary. Our team of professionals can clean up, combine, airbrush, or even manipulate digital pixels to produce a vast array of results. In addition to retouching, color correction or adjustments are also our expertise.

Linotype Hell Heidelberg S3400 drum scanner:
Max Size (18” x 24” Format).

Better Light scan backs:
Providing a combination of large, high-resolution files, extraordinary detail, and superb control of color and tones, Better Light scan backs have been the camera of choice for some of the most successful advertising, commercial, industrial, art repro and archival applications in the photo industry.