Shapco, your provider of a full range of printing services, focuses on the craft of printing as seriously as it does on manufacturing excellence. To be useful and competitive, Shapco must be more discerning than its most detail-oriented client. Our customers know the differences between an excellent print job and a flawless one, so we deliver fidelity and quality, reliably. Manufacturers and medical device companies trust us to help them bring products to market, so we advertise and generate excitement with personalized mail campaigns.

For customers who need storefronts, Shapco provides seamless storage, order, and distribution systems. Direct mailers need variable data capabilities. Agencies are vitally dependent on collaborations with us to broadcast ideas with the greatest possible appeal and impact.

For all of them, we’ve avoided the black hole of commodity printing for 35 years. “Cheap” and “inexpensive” are not virtues—they’re admissions that second-best will have to do.

Because your messages, your offers, your revenues – and your brand – are too important to settle for second-rate, you need Shapco on your team. Our 1000+ awards over more than three decades of service are emblems of our capability. We look forward to sharing with you the passion that produces quality and reliability for our many clients.

Our production department prepares your vision to print without compromising fidelity. Scanning, proofing, platemaking, color management, workflow and file archiving are handled by top professionals in the industry working on state-of-the-art equipment, including a Linotype-Hell drum scanner and Better Light scan backs, to ensure the highest quality in production.

SCANNING Scanning is state-of-the-art. Linotype-Hell scanners link to Fuji Final proofing systems that deliver Epson Stylus Pro proofs on coated and uncoated papers, as required. What you see is what you can expect when you okay your job on press.

OFFSET PRINTING Shapco serves a discriminating client in a highly competitive environment. We meet a publisher's specific market demands with the quantities needed, when they are needed. From short runs to non-traditional trim sizes, our sales, prepress, and press experts understand the broad demands of publishing.

DIGITAL PRINTING We’re fully invested in the future of printing. Our digital capabilities simplify your life, saving you time and materials without compromising quality or adding to delivery times. Line work is crisp, Pantone colors match, and white is an optional color.

LARGE FORMAT Point-of-purchase displays, booth graphics, decals, banners, and outdoor signage – on paper, vinyl and other rigid and flexible substrates – all look great when produced on our three multi-color, large-format printers.

PACKAGING Shapco is your full service packaging resource that can help you to make a great first impression. We are leaders in design and engineering services as well as a provider of comps, mock-ups, protective boxes and packaging, Our team prides itself on servicing companies from design concept to full production runs.

BINDERY Versatile, thorough, and always available, Shapco provides a full range of binding options for trade, consumer, and industry publications.

MAILING Talk to us about managing your mailing list and targeting your audience. We can help you every step of the way. Our mailing and fulfillment departments can relieve you of the cumbersome task of managing your database, sealing and metering pieces, and drop-shipping them.

KITTING When the project's produced, you can trust Shapco to finish it with the same quality and reliability that went into its manufacture. Mailing, kitting, and distribution—Shapco knows the rules, the best routes, to get your project to its destination.

DISTRIBUTION For your hands-on, put-in-a-box kitting needs, and for final distribution, depend on your Shapco partnership. Shapco knows the rules, the best routes, to get your project to its destination. Automated optical bar coding, integrated with an inventory management system, lets you entrust a variety of variable pick-and-pack projects to Shapco.