Joe Avery, Vice President

Phone: 612.375.1150


I find relaxation with my wife Tina and our five children.

I find relaxation with my wife Tina and our five children. We also have 3 dogs and a 1 eared cat that keep us from a good night’s rest. I love to ski, snowmobile, road bike, pheasant hunt and go to the cabin. My kids keep me young and active and my friends keep it all real. I love cars and anything you can race. My wife tells me I set bad examples for my kids, while I think I'm inspiring them.

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Laura Nelson, Account Coordinator

Laura Nelson
Phone: 612.278.1510

Outside of work I enjoy family time with my husband and two kids, camping and spending time at the lake in the summer. I am an avid reader and I am always in the middle of a book or two. I also love to run and enjoy participating in a few road races each year, golf, tennis and snowboarding.

Jeff Baker, Account Coordinator

Jeff Baker
Phone: 612.278.1507
Cell: 612.719.2414
I am an adventure seeker and gym junky. Staying active is a passion of mine that will not slow down as my beautiful wife and I start a family. My active lifestyle transpires into the demanding agendas of making art books, managing complicated print production concepts, and partnering with the fast paced design community.