Paresh Patel, VP of Technologies

Phone: 612.278.1537
Cell: 952.484.7715

VP of Technologies

I moved from England (UK) and joined Shapco in October of 1997. My first job title was desktop operator and jumped into absorbing all aspects of Shapco and the printing industry. Today, I have the privilege of managing our technological infrastructure.

I'm the proud father of a son who is studying Bio Medical Engineering at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. Above all, I'm fortunate to have my lovely and patient wife Ragini.

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Paresh oversees Shapco’s entire technological infrastructure, including our network security and application development. He is responsible for predicting and detecting problems that may arise, then developing strategies to solve them. 

He leads Shapco’s overall effort to increase system efficiency, streamline databases, customize applications, develop websites, and maintain Shapco's presence on the Internet. Internally, he manages our Intranet system, enabling network users to enter information quickly and maximize our network bandwidth.